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Two digital releases coming soon!

Rock Star Delusion by DJ Peace

Mark Peace Thomas "Rock Star Delusion" Featuring: Bruce Kulick, Marielle Montellano, Arnie Vilches and Damian Valentine.


Crazy Girls by DJ Peace

DJ Peace Crazy Girls featuring: Vanessa Bryan, Dana Meller, Paul Falcon, Mista' Youngblood and Damian Valentine.


Vanessa Bryan performing "Cowgirl Free" from the upcoming release: "Rock Star Delusion" by Mark Peace Thomas




Watch the transformation of singer Vanessa Bryan on TLC's Fat Chance tonight at 9:00pm (PST). She will peform a new original song on the show written by Vanessa and her Producer Damian Valentine. Vanessa appears on multiple DJ Peace recordings with crowd favorites including: Cowgirl Free, World Noise (Anthem of Peace) and Gold Digga Broke Sinna.

Here's the official Cowgirl Free video featuring Vanessa Bryan:





Coming January 15, 2016 - World Noise: The new E.D.M. EP from DJ Peace featuring Vanessa Bryan, Kyle Castellani, Kris Olsen, DJ Peace and Damian Valentine.

World Noise (E.D.M. EP) Album Cover



Hear the new DJ Peace single: World Noise (Christmas Peace) featuring Vanessa Bryan.

DJ Peace World Noise (Christmas Peace) featuring Vanessa Bryan Album Cover for Single

Read more about the Anthem of Peace at Mobile Beat - The DJ Magazine:

DJ Peace Releases First Ever Christmas Song Featuring Vanessa Bryan That Is Geared Towards All Religions and Non-Believers

More Music by DJ Peace

Buy the KISS Tribute E.P. from DJ Peace featuring former KISS guitarist: Bruce Kulick:

Do You Love Me? E.P.

Stream Do You Love Me?

DJ Peace Posts:


Marielle Montellano opened for Filipina pop rock singer: Yeng Constantino at Sec. Cerge Remonde Cultural Center in Argao. You can see from this picture that Marielle is very passionate.

I like to refer to her as the "Cebu Celine" because she has an amazing vocal range and an engaging stage presence!

Marielle Montellano

Marielle Montellano is featured on the DJ Peace single: Always Be Mine.

Watch the music video below:



Watch DJ Peace music video for Cowgirl Free featuring vocalist Vanessa Bryan. ADULT CONTENT (PG-13). Enjoy this "tongue in cheek" rock video directed by Michael Antony Pierce. The song appears on "Rock Star Delusion" by Mark Peace Thomas.



The lastest DJ PEACE music video for the song Cruise Control featuring guitarist: Bruce Kulick (lead solo), Michael Greenfield (harmony guitar), Damian Valentine (all other instrumentation).

PG-13 Version



The DJ Peace song "Can't Forget You (featuring Kyle Castellani) is featured on 'PopStars Mixtape Volume 3' Presented by Coast to Coast Mixtapes.




The 2nd official music video for "Do You Love Me?" by DJ Peace featuring former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and model Inessa Chimato. WARNING ADULT-ORIENTED material!



The 1st official music video for the hip hop song "Diva Anthem" (featuring Dana Meller). Song Produced by Damian Valentine. Written by Mark Peace Thomas and Damian Valentine. Starring Courtney Walker, Lili Hendrickson, Jasmina Arango, Ken Cress with Monda Scott (portraying Dana Meller):



Video footage from the CD Release Party for DJ Peace which was held at The Kibitz Room in Canter's Deli, Los Angeles, CA. This video features The Harbingers performing a song written by Mark Peace Thomas. It is about a woman named "S.O.N.D.I.":


More videos forthcoming!

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